Sunday, June 7, 2009

The most expensive cars to insure

I read an interesting article by on some of the most important factors used to determine auto insurance rate.
  1. Sale price of the car
  2. Number of claims in the past
  3. Intended use of the car
  4. Theft history
Sale price of the car is obvious. The more money you pay, the most it costs to insure.

The number of claims in the past means that if you see a lot of accidents involving the same car as yours, your premiums go up.

The intended use of the automobile targets for example drivers with sports car which are intended to go fast and dangerous.

Theft history means simply that if you drive a car that is targeted frequently by theft, then your premiums also go up.

The conclusion, to lower your insurance rate, get an ugly and cheap car. Be sure to compare different auto insurance quotes and rates free online here.

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